Sunday, February 11, 2007

What Goes Around

Giving Mary J. Blige Grammys is just going to encourage her to make more bad music.

So my weekend is winding up and, I have to say, it was quite successful. Not successful in a "I made out with [fill in the blank], but definitely successful in many other ways.

The date with Phil was very good. I definitely showed a small percentage of DC my dance moves, which is always a terrifying thought after the fact, but I had a good time and that is all that matters. I also had wine, rum and coke, and vodka/redbull all of which contributed to the evening. I don't want to say I'm shy, but I am. As much as I flirt and talk to people, I am a core of shyness. There will always be the four-year-old Scarlet in there who slid under the table at her birthday* party when the waiters came out singing "Happy Birthday." So put me in a fun situation with a few drinks in me and watch out;) (I feel the need to clarify that I don't need drinks to have a good all.) But it's weird to go on a double date minus the second guy. It's not like we were in competition a la Elimidate** at all, but I think we both wanted to make sure the evening was fun, relaxed, and enjoyable for both us and our date.

Saturday was a LONG day. I guess I got promoted at work, but it's still weird and I don't really know what it means so I'm not talking about it (remember how I said I'm shy? Yeah, that.) I also got to meet the Post Secret guy, Frank Warren, when he came into the bookstore to sign our entire stock of his books. That was pretty cool. I helped to get him set up and got him a latte. (Skim- good guy.) Saturday NIGHT was amazing. Ali, Serena, Steven, Allie, and I headed to Mousetrap at the Black Cat for an evening of mainly dancing. Lots of other stuff occurred, but I encourage you to check Allie's blog for the complete list. Mousetrap brings back so many memories for me. We used to go every week back in college (omg, over 5 years ago!) and even though I hate to be 'that girl' I can't help but get excited when my favorite songs come on and then I sing them and dance to them and just have a grand old time. My favorite dances include:

+Verbing (Someone yells out a verb-hence the name, and you act it out to the beat. "Shovel the snow!" "Bake!" "Swim!" etc.)
+Soul Train (This is tough is people are drunk and don't want to form two lines, but if they'll participate, you form two lines and take turns dancing down the middle.)
+The ????? (What is the name of those things where you push the bottom and they collapse? Because that is what this dance would be call. It's awesome and we made it up last night.)
+The Glass Wall (Two people dance in front of each other and pretend a glass wall is between them.)
+The Statue (The guy just stands there while two (or more?) girls dance around him. No touching.)
+The Klagges (Only Ali and I can do this one because it involves us performing dance routines from our youth. Mrs. Klagges was our dance teacher. *Jazz hands!*)

And today was my concert. It went well, save for the one guy who said something incredibly rude to me and almost made me cry. Luckily, I calmed myself down and reminded myself that I am better than him and anything he says does not matter. Also, when later calmed down my sister helped me to realize what he must have meant. I still hate him, though, and he is now dead to me.

That is all.


P.S. Why does Mr. JT's "What Goes Around" have me completely obsessed? (But why is he playing on an up-right? That seems odd. He deserves a grand piano! With me on it...)

*Speaking of birthdays, mine is in 6 days. The 17th!
**The thought did cross our minds to bring "TimeOut" cards, though.


Ant said...

Sooo fab - and you've still got a birthday coming up... It is your birthday soon, isn't it? Or am I just imagining that...

Meeting the PostSecret guy is cool indeed too - did he tell you any dark secrets that you're not allowed to share?

Courtney said...

That JT video is so ridiculous. Its like, how many times can I make out with ScarletT in this video until the song ends? Longest video ever!

Kristabella said...

Whaaaa? You don't like Ms. Mary J? Can we still be friends?

I don't usually watch the Grammys. Mostly because people I don't know or don't listen to always win. (See Dixie Chicks.) But had I known my guy JT was going to be on there, I would have been all over it!

Glad you had a good weekend! And happy promotion. Or whatever it is.

Miss Scarlet said...

Ant- YES, A BIRTHDAY! OMG!!!!!!! Ha, he didn't tell me any secrets, nor I to him.

Courtney- OMG, I wish he would makeout with ME!

Kristabella- She's sooooo bad. She sings those high "notes" that are just random. They aren't from a scale or chord or anything. It makes me want to scream, ew!

spencer said...

Man - if I had a blog when I was dating. Damn.

audrey said...

Verbing is the most fun way to dance!

My friend mtk and i once got kicked out of a pub for dancing on their stage and telling other wannabe stage dancers that they weren't allowed because we were actually employed to dance there.

Doing stirring the soup motions.

Then we cried outside and said they were oppressing us because of our sexuality (the girls inside had called us lesbians) but they wouldn't let us back in.