Friday, February 09, 2007

One By One All Day

I have a full weekend ahead of me, and for my own mind's sake of keeping it all straight, I am going to have to list it here:


+Wake up before breakfast.
+Do a lot of laundry and e-flirting.
+4ish- leave for BN where I will get a white mocha and try to ask about hours. Probably will flirt with people. (Most likely coworkers.)
+6ish- Leave with Allie to go to DC to meet up with our date, Phil. Yes, two girls and one guy and no, do not get the wrong idea. It's going to be a blast, of course, but it's for charity, hence the two of us.

+930am- Orchestra dress rehearsal until 1230pm. This has the potential to suck as we have never played Pictures at an Exhibition all the way through before.
+1230pm- Race off for work. I'm supposed to BE there at noon, oops!
+1ish- 830pm- Work.
+830pm- Leave work with Serena and head to Ali's to change, get hott, and eat fast food.
+930ish- Head to DC for Mousetrap at The Black Cat. (You should go! Look for me, I'll be the brunette wearing black. Oh and every other girl there;) I love Mousetrap and hope there are plenty of people to interact with. Or to "interact" with if youknowwhatI'msayin'!
+Sometime in the AM- Head back to Ali's. She's letting me stay there.


1pm- Orchestra call time.
3pm- Concert.
6pm- Home to collapse from exhaustion.

I am happy and grateful for a very full weekend:) It's fitting, too, since today marks my self-made start to the BIRTHDAY CELEBRATING!!!!!!!!!!! A week from today is the day before my birthday. I am so excited.



DC Celine said...

you forgot a label = birthday!

must admit - your "racy" weekend makes me tired just thinking about it.

CBK said...

You've been doing a lot of flirting lately... or at least writing about it more lately. :-)

Miss Scarlet said...

Dc Celine- Me, too. Sunday night is all about relaxing!

CBK- Hmmm, probably both, I guess. Interesting observation.

Kristabella said...

Wow, I'm tired just reading all that. But thankfully, not jealous. Since my last two weekends have either involved being on the other side of the country or flying back from the other side of the country, I'm happy to be doing a whole lot of nothing this weekend.

Because next weekend? I again have to fly to the other end of the country.

Have a great weekend!

Pink Is Neat said...

i am SO EXCITED about Mousetrap tonight!!!!

Last night was definitely worth our exhaustion today.

Ant said...

This is one of the biggest birthday lead-ins I've ever witnessed - hooray for never-ending parties! :o)

Miss Scarlet said...

Ant- You have no idea. Birthdays are BIG for me:)