Sunday, February 25, 2007

Long Distance Call

I had to call out from work today...sorta. I groggily woke up to see a Winter Wonderland outside. At least four inches on the ground and even more coming down. As much as I love snow, it makes me anxious on work days because I know that I will probably have to make that dreaded call.

We went out in a truck to check the "main roads," which turned out to be almost as bad as the back ones. Slipping and sliding was fun with someone who knows how to drive in the conditions, but the thought of my little Elantra trying to make it the 45 miles to work was not a good one. It's not my driving I worry about, but the other guy's.

So I had to call and say that there was no way I could get there now. I will try again later, but for now...I'm going to enjoy my mimosa:)



Ant said...

You and this whole snow/cold thing is bizarre - it clearly causes you headaches and yet you love it so...

And re your last post - summer is great cos all those little chemically endorphin things start jumping about your head and get you (or me at least :o) thinking about... well, sex.

And that's always good, no?

Miss Scarlet said...

Ant- It's gorgeous, though! I'll be taking pictures of it today:)

Hmmmmm, definitely good. Maybe I do have one reason to like summer now;)

Serena said...

Suddenly I'm seeing steam in all of this snow. Hahahaha.

Sharkbait said...

Holla, same here. Thanks but no thanks.

I am headed out to take some pics as well.

Enjoy your break!