Monday, February 19, 2007

I Still Remember

If your birthday is February 17th:

You surround yourself with people who see a superstar spark in you. This is what helps you exponentially grow your talent through this year. Love blossoms in march, when you're so hard at work you barely notice at first. April's financial boost isn't to be wasted. Invest in yourself and your skills. A Libra or Taurus person's affection uplifts you.

All Libras and Tauruses (sp?) should just queue* up now, thank you. Please bring gum. Making out will ensue.

I had an awesome birthday weekend thanks to some amazing boos, but since I was out of town for my actual day, the celebrating is soooo not over. I don't even know where to start with my retelling of the events so far. It has been a whirlwind few days of eating, drinking, flirting, walking, and aging and it has left me completely exhausted. Let me get a good night's sleep and I'll be back in the am with a proper post on my birthday!


*The British terms are here to stay, my friends. I mean, mates.


Pink Is Neat said...

where's my jumper?

Vanessa said...

I'm a Taurus! :-D

Ant said...

Can't wait!

Miss Scarlet said...

Pink is neat- Hahha, loves it.

Vanessa- Ooooh!

Ant- Yay!

Serena said...

A fine birthday, indeed!