Monday, February 05, 2007


Apparently, I am the model bookseller at work. I was bestowed this honor almost 12 hours ago and I am still not entirely sure what it means. I got to work today at 11 and was met by the manager and assistant manager who told me, through some giggles and exagerated faces, that I had been voted the Model Bookseller that morning at the Manager/Lead meeting. I was honored, of course, as I am always excited to be voted #1 by my peers and my 'trophy' is really cool- a miniature manequin-like thing with a dress crafted from a shopping bag. It's really quite cute!

It's so cute that for a moment I thought that maybe the voting was about fashion and my constant reading of Elle, Bazaar, and Vogue was finally being recognized. But then I thought about them meeting at 7am, before the store opens, to vote on people's fashion sense and execution and decided that probably wasn't very likely. But to be voted a model bookseller? It just seems odd and ill-timed since for the past week or so I have been wishing arson and electrical problems* on the place because they made me really angry the other day when they took away one of my shifts.

But I guess I am pretty awesome, right? I mean, I show up. I work everywhere. I don't call out. I create new names for myself and others. I flirt with many coworkers. I tease the high schoolers. I scope out hott customers**. I play The Last Kiss soundtrack whenever I can. I never talk about plan and I am generally a joy to be around. I think I'm going to try to get the award next time, too. OR, maybe they can rename it The Scarlet Award. I kind of like that.


*For legal reasons, I don't really wish for that to happen. Should something happen there, I am ready and willing to take a lie detector test to prove my innocence.
**Lacking lately, by the way. If you're hott and read...hell, even if you don't read, please come there.


Velvet said...

Wait. They didn't give you a gift card for free books? Or a book? They gave you something in a dress? Huh. Who knew.

Miss Scarlet said...

Ha, it's an unofficial award. I got my lunch paid for for getting it:)

Pam said...

Go ahead, write THE SCARLET AWARD on the little shopping bag part of the statue! Why not? : )

Senor Beavis said...

Hooray! By the way, in terms of legal reasons, I don't know if B&N has a policy on scoping or dating customers, but for Starbucks, it's not illegal just as long as you're not overly aggressively creepy and make the customers uncomfortable. If you're within the boundaries of good conduct, it's all good.

DC Celine said...

I still say you got the award for your fashion awareness.

Kristabella said...

Congrats! Free lunch is never a bad thing!