Monday, February 05, 2007

A Warm Place

I only have time for a complaint today:

Why do establishments insist on keeping their buildings so warm during the winter? This makes no sense to me. Winter is cold, yes. That is why we wear sweaters and coats and scarves. To make it so warm that a sweater makes me hot is not how it should be. Lately, when I have been getting dressed to go to work I have found myself considering outfits I would normally wear in the spring. (Hold on...*vomit*) We shouldn't be using the heat to allow us to wear short-sleeved shirts and such. We should be dressing warmer. Do we all try to wear sweatshirts in the summer and make buildings freezers? No, we don't. Get with it, people. Put on a sweater and turn the heat down.


Serena said...

Sadly, some places do make them like freezers in the summertime. My office is notorious for everyone needing jackets in the summer and shorts in the winter. Seriously.

Brunch Bird said...

I'm sitting here with my fan on pointed directly at me. It's like a sauna in our building.

DC Celine said...

Welcome to my personal sauna. Combine the extra heat with sun beating in my office windows, and I might as well be in the middle of August. Give me the summer freezer any day over this.

Miss Scarlet said...

Serena- Yeah, my old job could get quite cold, but at least when it's cold you can put more clothes on. There are only so many clothes a person can take off while at work and still be employed.

Brunch Bird- yuck!

Dc Celine- Ugh, I would be miserable.

And the other thing that annoys me is when people "love summer" yet are always in the AC. It's stupid.