Saturday, February 24, 2007

Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking

March is looking to be terribly busy so the decision last night to be thrifty was a good one. March is a weird month, and not one I particularly enjoy. Everyone starts talking about spring and the thought of upcoming warm days never puts me in a good mood. Ali and I will be heading down to Bald Head Island in North Carolina in April for our cousin's wedding and I am looking forward to that. See, it's different for it to be warm when a beach is involved.

So we have March with Into The Woods, the musical I am playing in, which will keep me quite busy the week after next. This next weekend is Ravena's birthday and then at the end of March is the much-anticipated Wine Week Extravaganza! Oh, and somewhere in there Ali and I want to take a trip somewhere-Boston, Chicago, etc?

And then April and the wedding...among other things, I am sure. And then it's going to be May. Ew! Warmth! Spring! Can I hibernate then?

Okay, slow down, Scarlet. It's still February. It's still cold. (Thank goodness!)


Pink Is Neat said...

ummm I'm excited for May because I GRADUATE THEN!!! :-)

Serena said...

I want to fly a kite in March : )

Kristabella said...

Um, I totally vote for a trip to Chicago!