Thursday, December 07, 2006

English Fire


My crush on Tony Blair is slightly out of control. I just clapped when The View was interrupted for an ABC News Special Report. So what if my just-washed hair is going to end up frizzy because I'm waiting too long to dry what if I need to get a start on all of that work due tonight in class. Tony Blair is on TV! Press conferences with Tony Blair are second only to watching British Parliament on those boring news channels. Oh, but Tony Blair? Not boring. He's hilarious. I'm sure he won't be funny today as that would be inappropriate, but I'm still going to be glued to my TV until this thing is over. And before you slam me or make fun of me for this, hey, at least I'm watching, right?


*Ladies don't discuss politics and I also don't want to see it in the comments!


Kristabella said...

He may be dreamy and with that sexy British accent and all.

But I can't like someone that is an ally with George W.

Sorry....was that political talk? I just meant you can tell a lot about a person by the friends they keep.

Anonymous said...

I still really don't get it - he's an awkward and slightly irritable nerd. Or is it that accent that gets all you American ladies hot under the collar (if so, I should really come visit some time... :o)

Actually, there is a beautiful headline on the BBC website just now quoting him as saying "Conform to our society" next to a picture that unflatteringly accentuates his devil-like ears. All he needs is a lil' Hitler 'tache...

Word verification: muuuah (the noise that dictator's make when enacting plans of evil genius...)

Miss Scarlet said...

Kristabella- I just think he's hilarious...Parliament rules.

Ant- Are YOU an evil dictator?! If you have an accent, I'll overlook it. Haha...