Friday, December 01, 2006

Oh Mother

Dear Mother Nature,

Quit being a psycho woman with hot flashes and give us season-appropriate weather.

Thank you,



KJ Choi said...

I do not understand of what you speak.

It is cold, and snowy, and sleety, and icy here.

And we're going into the teens at night.

Wanna switch?

Marissa said...

HAHA! I love it. I am with you. But now it seems Mother Nature is confused because we had 60's almost 70's weather earlier, and tonight is supposed to drop to the 40's and Monday will bring snow. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

KJ - I doubt anyone wants to switch (although a good excuse to stay cooped up in the house without having to work would be nice) but it is extremely disconcerning to be wearing t-shirts and flip-flops on december 1st because it's EIGHTY degress outside!

Global Warming is kicking our ass