Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pretty Pink Rose

Someone said to me today, "Scarlet is a weird name, but when it's with Rose it's at least rock and roll."

"Um, thanks?"


Needtsza said...

A. that should be on Overheard in DC or something.

B. lovely picture.

C. I don't think Scarlet is a strange name, but who am I

Miss Scarlet said...

A. Haha, yeah!

B. Thanks. I just noticed something I don't like about it, though.

C. I don't think it is, either. Not common, but not

Serena said...

Definitely not a weird name.

Anonymous said...

That person is talkin' crazy.

Anonymous said...


for all the weirdness that guy was sayin', he might as well have said, "What's The Frequency, Kenneth?"

Scarlet is an awesome name, ya dig?

Marissa said...

Haha! what a compliment, huh?! I LOVE the name Scarlet. It's beautiful.