Monday, December 04, 2006


I usually just keep Studio 60 on after watching Heroes. I loved it the first few weeks, but since then my attention has started to wander. Tonight, though, I used the "rewind" button on my TiVo to catch that kiss again and then gave full attention to the New Orleans brass version of my favorite Christmas carol, Oh Holy Night. And the declaration? OMG. Good job, guys.

And Heroes? We have to wait until the end of January? That's just cruel. I hope they show Home Alone 2 each week in its place since that's the only acceptable replacement.

And while we're at it...

Real World: Denver- SUCK. These hoes are so boring and done already. (In more ways than one.)

Desperate Housewives- Did that one mom really die? I got confused on Sunday because it was a rerun.

Grey's Anatomy- Still amazing. Meredith doesn't annoy me although I might be the only one to say that.

Gilmore Girls- Still the best thing ever, but if I don't get some Luke/Lorelai interaction soon I'm going to be pissed. If the writers are keeping Lorelai and Christopher together, that's fine, but you can't just cut out these important interactions and again, the coffee! There needs to be more of it. And Marty? Interesting. Very interesting.

What else do I watch?


audrey said...

I love Grey's although Meredith does annoy me. She and McDreamy are the worst things about the show. I wish we had TiVo in Australia....

Serena said...

I'm pissed that my Heroes has stopped recording. I'm also mad I'm so tired that I can't even stay awake to finish watching the Amazing Race I have on the dvr.

Senor Beavis said...

South Park totally ruined "Oh Holy Night" for me. I can't hear that song without unconsciously breaking into Cartman. (Another of my useless party tricks, I do a very good Terrance and Philip).

7 weeks of no Veronica Mars! Boooooooooo! Although it might take me a few weeks to get over what she did to her hair in the last one. I thought they did a great job of simultaneously closing one story arc while unfolding another. Please don't cancel my favorite show, CW! It's not like you have anything else on.

honeykbee said...

Oh that kiss, and the declaration! *chills*! I'm so glad you agree...

Kristabella said...

You know, Meredith doesn't bother me that much either. So I'm with you in that minority. And I LOVE that show. Best show on TV.

I'm tired of all these ASU whores on the Real World (Alex, Wes). They aren't helping the school's image. People already think we ALL act like that.

Gilmore Girls is starting to irritate me. I don't like Rory's new friends. And why bring Marty back? Not a fan of that story line. And April needs to move to New Mexico.

Miss Scarlet said...

Audrey- Really? I can't think of a worst thing about the show. Maybe that it's not on every night.

Serena- That sucks! You have until 22 Jan to figure that shit out.

Senor Beavis- I've never seen South Park:) What did she do to her hair??? I don't think they'll cancel it.

Honeykbee- Yeah, I want to be kissed like that.

Kristabella- I have no ill words for GG, but I miss the witty convos and coffee and jokes and stuff. There isn't enough of that right now. And what about Lane? Hello, bring her back! April needs to G-O!

Anonymous said...

I think Veronica's hair issue is the bangs she magically got out of nowhere in that last episode. But what a killer episode! Please pick it up for the whole season, CW!

And Alma, the missing ex-wife of Orson, is alive. They showed her at the end of last week's ep colluding with Orson's conniving mom. (Dixie Carter like you've never seen her!)

Love Grey's, but George needs to chill the fuck out!