Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Time Is Running Out

Who's bright idea was it to turn my final exam in just under the wire? To hit send just minutes before the due date. Was that my idea? Well, yes and no. I had every intention of completing the cunting thing last week when I had a few days off, but really, when you have an entire day ahead of you do you often think, "Ooooh, maybe I'll write that big final exam!" So yeah, last week passed and then the weekend passed (although, I worked so that's a good excuse, right?) and then it was Monday and I had the day off. Perfect time to work on my assignment. Oh wait, what mom? You want to go shopping? OK, sure. And then, of course, shopping turned into my day of driving all over creation. So then it was Tuesday and I was working at Barnes and Noble all day. I did think about working on my final while at work, but once I got home all I wanted to do was check my email and watch TiVoed Gilmore Girls from ABC Family. And then it was 8pm and I decided that watched the rerun of Gilmore Girls on CW was essential. And then it was 9pm and I don't remember what I did, but there's a slight chance I wrote my cover page then. 10pm came and went as I was wiping up all the drool from seeing Brad Pitt on Barbara Walters' special. Holy hell is he hott! 11pm and my brother stopped by so I took the opportunity to take a break from my work. And then Gwen Stefani was on Letterman so I had to watch that. Part of me wanted to just go to sleep and get up and write the entire thing, but I felt like that was pushing the ol' luck a little bit. I decided that I needed to get at least half done before I went to sleep. Then, of course, I rationalized that I was too sleepy to get any good work done anyway so I fudged my math a little to decide that I was 2/5 done which is almost half and good enough reason for me to go to sleep.

Anyway, the point is, I didn't get up as early as I planned to this morning and even then spent some of my morning emailing and watching Today while rereading the exam questions. It's a wonder I finished the damn thing, but I did. I finished and emailed that bitch off plenty of minutes before the due date.

Rock on.


Kristabella said...

I'm sure you made that final your bitch!

And this is why I don't think I ever want to go back to school. Ever!

Anonymous said...

My boss maintains that close deadlines sharpen the mind and focus the results into something much better than if you've got loads of time to think about it.

Therefore my job consists of large periods of doing very little, followed by intense 3-day periods with no sleep.

To be honest, I think my best work comes at these times.

Rock on indeed - smack that mofo of an exam up!