Thursday, December 28, 2006


I began this week with a miserable (yet awesome in another way) schedule of only two shifts for the week. I was to work Sunday and then not again until Saturday. Well, somehow I am now working five out of the seven days with Monday (Christmas, of course) and today being my days off. I'm wondering if I'm so sleepy because I was in the mindset of having all week off...See, last night, on my drive home from dinner with Ali and Allie, I was seriously struggling to stay awake. I even fell asleep while watching Cars once I got home at about 9:30ish. That is VERY weird for me because I usually get my second wind around 9pm. I did end up waking up about an hour later and watched 90210 for awhile (Dylan-be still my heart!), but this morning I could not get up. This is partly to be blamed on my cell phone that died and therefore never woke me up for the set time, but who am I kidding, I woke up and put the TV on so I knew what time it was. I don't know why I was so sleepy this morning, it's like I'm a highschooler again.

Not much going on other than my weird sleep habits. Steven and Serena are still away and Ali is working a lot this week. I'll make a Christmas update post soon, I promise.


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Kristabella said...

That is so weird. I've been having the SAME problem this week. Maybe there's something in the air?

I've had the hardest time rolling out of bed, and I knew I was working all week.

Thank God there has been no traffic otherwise I would have been super late all week.

Although, my excuse may be that tomorrow is my last day at this company! :)