Monday, December 04, 2006

Fake Plastic Trees

All entries are in for this past week's Photo Contest. They are all posted in the Flickr group I created. I invite you all to go check them out and then email me your votes. In an effort to not have ties, please give each photo a score from 1 to 8. Therefore, your email to me will look like the following:

Photo 1: 4
Photo 2: 8
Photo 3: 1
Photo 4: 7

8 WILL BE FOR THE PHOTO YOU THINK IS THE BEST! I will add up the scores and the HIGHEST score will be the winner and so on from there.

Anyone can vote on the photos. You did not have to enter the contest in order to vote. Also, if you entered you CAN vote and you must also include your own photo(s) in the voting. And don't feel bad about pulling a Tracy Flick and voting for your own photo for the top spot...I would!

The photos on the page are the order in which you should rank them for the email. I can't rename other people's photos to title them as numbers so you're just going to have to concentrate on this:) The photo on the farthest left of the screen is "Photo #1" and then going from left to right will be Photo #2, Photo #3, etc.

Only one vote per email address will be counted. Cheat if you want to, I don't care.

Oh, just because many of the photos say they're by "scarls17" (that's me) does not mean they are. I just added them to the flickr group myself from my own page.

Any other questions?

Oh, and try to have your votes in by 5ish this afternoon, but if I have no votes by then, I'll extend the deadline;)


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Serena said...

Vote for Serena ( didn't say no campaigning).