Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mr(s). Clarinet

I have signed up to participate in Neil's First Annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert. I will be recording a klezmer*-type piece on clarinet. Now, my goal** is to integrate a traditional holiday song and a klezmer piece from a book I have. I don't want to just do the overdone Dreidel, Dreidel. BORING! I have until 20 December*** at the latest to have this done. Please remind me to get this done. I really want to turn in a stellar performance.


*No, I'm not Jewish.
**Famous last words.


Kristabella said...

As a former journalism student, I would like to point out that if something is the first, it can't be annual. I'm just sayin'...

Irregardless (hehehehe), good luck! I'd offer to play a tune on my saxamaphone, but I sold that years ago.

KassyK said...

How fun!! Good luck. :) If I had a freaking piano I would be there with ya.

Marissa said...

That's hilarious!! Good luck with your musical arrangement! :)

Miss Scarlet said...

Kristabella- So you can only add on annual for the second year?

Kassyk- Next year!

Marissa- Haha,thanks.

Serena said...


Neil said...

That Kristabella -- what a Grinch!

I know whatever you pick will be totally fantastic!