Monday, December 18, 2006


I'm about to head out to my 5th day at Barnes and Noble and while five days in a row at any other job is normal, five at The Barn just kinda sucks. Luckily (!?*), it's been hella busy so the time goes by a bit more quickly, but that doesn't help when my feet and legs hurt** and my tired self can't control the snarkiness and inappropriate facial expressions***.

However, I am facing the day with excitement brought my two new items. Christmas gifts were exchanged last night and while I was stupid and forgot part of mine, I got some pretty cool stuff from my boos****. Today I'm wearing a Scottish charm bracelet from Allie that not only jingles, but has tons of shiny things for people to make comments on and from Serena-a book that says "cunt" on the front. OMG, so excited. The parts of the gift that I wish I could take to work with me are the ones containing alcohol percentages. *sigh*

Oh! I'm late. Have a good Monday and email me so I'm not totally bored and cut off from the world while there:)


***Seriously-my nemisis. I tend to make disgusting looks when people start talking about "Plan" and how much we've sold. I'm sorry, but when we've sold more in one day than I make in an entire year, it's difficult to be excited. And these people who get excited over selling a lot of memberships? It kind of scares me. I've been taking Barnes and Noble down from the inside for years now.
****The Clopen messed me up. I should have the part I forgot ready after Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you have to deal with stupid customers. Ugh. what a bunch of rejects and rude people.

I can just imagine. sowee

Kristabella said...

I too hate when they talk about the Plan and the millions upon millions that this company pulls in a month and yet can only give us 2% raises.

And they wonder why I'm leaving?

Cheryl said...

My facial expressions give me away all the time! I hear you. Have ag ood Monday!

Miss Scarlet said...

Needtsza- Most are wasn't too bad actually save for a few wankers.

Kristabella- Exactly. They wonder why I don't get excited to sell memberships? Well, give me the money from it and I will.

Cheryl- It was pretty good, how was yours?!

Anonymous said...

Yay for some holiday cheer on a Sunday night.