Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Picture You'd Hate To Miss

26 Things is a photographic scavenger hunt that was started at where 26 things are listed and each 'player' sets out to take pictures that reprsent each thing. Then everyone posts their shots up on the flickr group and you get to have that awesome feeling of completing something.

I participated over the summer and while it can be maddening as you try to find the perfect shots to enter, it's also a lot of fun. My goal today is to complete the November 26 things. This will be quite the endeaver since I have not started and will need to finish by about 5pm which is when I leave for class. That's less than 6 hours for 26 things. Sounds easy enough, but check out this list:

November's 26 things

  1. glee
  2. village
  3. reality
  4. accident
  5. anxiety
  6. low
  7. copy
  8. kindness
  9. bad taste
  10. stairwell
  11. public transport
  12. art
  13. shoes
  14. Friday
  15. alley
  16. 7pm
  17. telephone
  18. ant's eye view
  19. words
  20. odd
  21. a stop sign
  22. traditional
  23. the sea
  24. stripes
  25. tangled
  26. a night shot


Needtsza said...

fun fun fun. thanks =)

CBK said...

You'll never make it! ;-)

Miss Scarlet said...

Needtsza- It's a lot of fun!

CBK- Gee, thanks! Although, I have to say, I forgot that I can only upload a certain amount to flickr each month so some may have to way til tomorrow since I'm at 100% now.

CBK said...

Sorry, didn't mean to be such a Negative Nellie.