Saturday, November 04, 2006


That damn detour in DC effed me up last night. I was starving and just trying to get to a restaurant that passed the following pre-set qualifications set by me and SCD:

- not new
- not weird
- probably not Italian or Mexican;)
- not expensive

But then, on the way, we were detoured and a few one way streets later, I was a little turned around. I didn't want to admit that since I like to think I'm a navigational whizz. Actually, that's not true because if someone is with me in the car then I lose all sense of direction and knowledge of roads and then have to ask them how to get to the simplest of places. But when I'm alone (or with Ali), I think I'm pretty good at getting around. Anyway, the point is, I started off knowing right where to go, but after the detour and one way streets I wouldn't have bet Connecticut on it. Then, a few state streets later and I had to admit defeat. It wasn't so much of an "I'm lost" type of defeat because I knew where we were, I just didn't know the best way to get to where we were going and by this time it was getting kind of late and I think we were both starving.

We did get there, though, of course. Although I said, "I'm trying something. I think it will work, but if not, it's going to be the road that takes us home." Since I, by then, just wanted food in my belly, we parked in a garage. What I did not see was the sign that said, "Most Effed Up Parking Garage You Can Go To." The little ticket-giving machine was not giving out tickets and I didn't know what to do. So I drove around to tell the lady* about the situation. Well, by this time there was a back up of people who could not get tickets and finally the manager had come out to remedy the situation. Well, the "lady" at the window, even though there was a line of people who could not get tickets 5 feet away from us, could not understand what I was saying. Luckily, the manager WAS right there and he believed me and said to park and he would give me a ticket.

But, but...I'm in the Out Lane with nowhere to go! That, my friends, is when I had to back that thing up and get out of the curvy exit lane in reverse. By this time I was super pissed, but even more than that I was super hungry so I was just glad to be parking my car and exiting.

Then we went to the first restaurant we were familiar with and proceeded to knock back a few while waiting for our table. It was a good meal:)

*Lady is too nice of a word, but apparently some of you think the word cunt is degrading.


Anonymous said...

I feel as though the detour (and the drinking) made my food taste that much better.


Miss Scarlet said...

I agree! I just felt bad since I was at the wheel and was keeping you from the delicious food:)

Ant said...

Cunt is a fantastic word because of it's sheer shock value. I was very pleased to see it used on SVR not long ago (I believe the context was "cuntbags", which gives you a triple word score in my book) and hope to see it round these parts some time soon (the word that is, not the actual...)

OK, I'll just cunt off now.

Serena said...

Knowing the two of you, I can only imagine the scene. Hilarious.