Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

I think it's a gift, talent, and curse to find humor in the mundane. How lucky for those of us who can be sitting in a boring meeting and holding back the laughter because of something we find funny. Not traditionally funny like the Vice President of the company sleeping, but maybe the fact that noone realizes that the IT guy's email alerts are going off a mile-a-minute and you can he's trying to covertly close his Outlook.

Or when you're stuck in traffic and need something more entertaining than watching the bumper in front of you. I like to watch people from my rear and side view mirrors. Facial expressions on someone who doesn't know he's being watched are often all that is needed for a chuckle or two.

And the curse part? Do you know how many times something has made me laugh yet I know that if I try to explain why I'll just come across as being insane? So many things remind me of inside jokes, past occurances, movies and TV shows so I am constantly thinking things are amusing and funny. Sometimes I feel like my mind is really a database of funny things and when my brain takes in something new it quickly cross-references and narrows it down to something relatable that makes me laugh. About 58.7% of the time I say what I'm thinking in these situations. 30.2% of the time I just laugh and then have to say "nothing" when someone says, "What?" because the connection is too difficult to explain and 11.1% of the time I keep it to myself and just crack up inside.

I'm glad life is funny:) I'd be so bored without that.


Serena said...

Now I'm cracking up thinking of you cracking up.

Needtsza said...


Pam said...

Gotta laugh!

Anonymous said...

So I haven't commented in a while, (due to all the crazies out there that need me to save their lives) and I have some catching up to do. Sorry Scarlet...this might be a semi-long one...

1st: All the way back to the "Guliani is running for President post". I know I got Barack's name wrong, but considering my hatred of all things political, it should be noted that I at least knew there was a man with a name somewhat close to that.

2nd: Callie and Addison = both hot. If I had to pick I'd say you look more like Callie, but as was said before, not enough to point it out to a stranger in the Nobles. And I've seen Addison (or the woman who plays her) on several talk shows and somehow she looks totally different as herself away from the show. It's wierd...

3rd: I secretly watch people through my mirrors whilst sitting in traffic all the time! My favorite is to find someone who's singing and then either try and guess the song or find the radio station they're singing along to.

Senor Beavis said...

Can anyone besides Steven win the Internet?

Just wanted to know so I can adjust my level of effort accordingly.

Miss Scarlet said...

Serena- It's true, too:)

Needtsza- Hah!

Pam- Oh yeah!

Cindy- Unlike Rena, I like the long comments;)

Senor Beavis- A high standard has been set.