Thursday, November 23, 2006

Here Comes The Sun

Not being a fan of the AM, I don't often get to see the sunrise. I try every time I go to the beach to get up early at least one day to see it, but without fail, it never happens. This past year I set my alarm and even got out of the hotel bed (more effort than had been made in previous years), but when I looked out the window and saw how dark it was, I decided it wasn't worth it...and it was also a little creepy. That early in the morning is only good for one thing-sleeping.

So this morning, when I was headed back to Fairfax from BWI at 4am, it occurred to me that I would be awake for the sunrise and maybe I should think of a good place to go for photographing it. What I ended up doing instead was sleeping in my car outside of my sister's apartment until she was awake. Then, once she was up and let me in, I proceeded to sleep some more. Sunrise? What sunrise? I'm beginning to doubt it even happens anymore.


Serena said...

I'm not sure if Fairfax County is worth it, but the beach definitely was. Trust me.

KassyK said...

I hear you...I love the sunrise and I am always missing it. Happy Thanksgiving sweetie.

connie said...

i see the sunrise every morning as my bus crosses the charles river into boston at the same time every day.

and while its beautiful, an hour of extra sleep may be more beautiful!