Tuesday, November 14, 2006

She Looks To Me

Sunday evening I was working at Barnes and Noble when this one middle-aged customer came back up to me and asked if I watch Grey's Anatomy. "YES!" I exclaimed, wondering why she cared. She said, "Has anyone ever told you that you look just like that one girl on there?" Hmmmm, "No," I said. "Which one? Although I think you just made my day!" I guess she didn't know the name of which one, but just said for me to "look and I'll see how much we look alike."

By process of default:

+I am not waifish with long, light hair. (Meredith Grey)
+I am not Korean. (Christina Yang)
+I am not black. (Miranda Bailey)
+I am not male. (Dr. McDreamy, Dr. McSteamy, Dr. McBurkey, Dr. McAlexy, Dr. McGeorgey, or Dr. McChiefy)
+I am not tall, hott, and blonde*. (Izzie Stevens)

So now we're left with:




My first questions are:

Do you think Callie is hott? Yes or No

Do you think Addison is hott? Yes or No

Now, do you think I look like either of them?

Note: If you answered No to the above questions about their hottness, then you better not say I look like one of them.

Also, it must be noted that my hair is now a bit longer and my eyes are not as glassy as they are in that picture seen above. It was taken on my last birthday.

So, I'm not sure yet if I should be flattered by this alleged likeness or not. Maybe what she meant is that I look very SMART because Grey's Anatomy is a show about smart surgeons. Maybe!

And I know that at first glance there is definitely the likeness to Callie because of the dark hair, but I still don't know. And it's not like I was at Barnes and Noble dancing in my underwear and the customer then saw a similarity between us. I also was not setting any bones, sleeping with Dr. McSteamy, or declaring my love for anyone named George. Without those things, I see no likeness.

*OK, I am the first two;)


Serena said...

No, no and no : )

Sharkbait said...

I definately think Cali is hot. She, to me, is the most attractive on the show. I am not sure if it's all because of looks or part personality....

But she definately hot.

Miss Scarlet said...

Serena- Haha. Thanks for following the rules.

Sharkbait- Glad she's hott just in case I do look like her.

Anthony said...

Hmm, as someone who doesn't watch the show I don't know if I can comment. (But with Chris O'Donnell in it, maybe I should change that.)

Here's how to settle it: would you rather dance in your underwear, set bones, sleep with Dr. McSteamy or declare your love for someone named George?

honeykbee said...

totally agree with Sharkbait. Callie's hot, hottest on the show. If she had said you look like Meredith I'd probably be insulted.

CBK said...

Callie is hot, but I don't like her sneering, annoyed face (and since she's so often annoyed at George, she makes it a lot).

There's a bit of a resemblence, but not dramatic enough for me to justify telling you if you were a stranger.

minijonb said...

Callie and Addison are both hott, so you can't go wrong either way.

Senor Beavis said...

Addison - hot.
Callie - depends on the day. When she's saying she's "a strong, independent woman," but acting clingy, whiny, and begging for validation, then no. When she lives up to her self-diagnosis, yes.

Do you look like either? Not enough to make the connection. Says the guy who's been asked for Adam Sandler's autograph.

Ant said...

Err, I've never watched the show but no question it's Callie. Even accounting for the dark hair, you share similar facial features.

And all three are well hott! You work it sister...

Anonymous said...

i think that callie and addison are both HOT, and obviously the woman at b&n was talking about callie, right? with the dark hair and everything? people tell me i look like "felicity" all the time just because i have curly hair even though i look NOTHING like keri russell.

Miss Scarlet said...

Anthony- I'm not a big Chris O. fan, actually.

Honeykbee- I guess it's bc Callie comes off as being so insecure sometimes it's not attractive.

CBK- Yeah, and this woman was adament about it.

Minijonb- Woohoo!

Senor Beavis- Adam Sandler? That's hott.

Ant- Thanks, boo.

Rooroo- I used to be told I looked like Minnie Driver bc my hair was long, dark, and curly. Otherwise, I look NOTHING like her.

Vanessa said...

1. I have not seen Greys Anatomy 2. The glassy eyes threw me (j/k) but you do look like Callie and 3. She is hott... As are you, boo.