Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Open Your Eyes

Ok, maybe I'm too hung up on details, but I think I would realize if my mom, who didn't normally wear a wedding ring*, was wearing one the next time I saw her. Some people really notice these things and ever since my college roommate pointed out that Dave Grohl was wearing a wedding ring in my Nirvana poster, I have been one of those people. I mean, I LOVE Dave Grohl and I had been planning on being his first wife so my world was turned a little upside down that day. I couldn't believe I had not noticed that little detail and quickly researched and found out about her. I'm over it now...mostly because he's now married to someone else and do I really want to be his third wife?**

So Lorelai invites Rory over so she and Christopher can tell her they got married in France. My first thought was, "I wonder if she'll have taken the ring off?" and that's such a classic drama move: taking the ring off. Once a character takes their ring off and hides the fact that they're married, confusion and problems arise. "Why are you hiding our marriage?" "Are you ashamed of being with me?" blah blah blah. So, in a way, I'm glad Lorelai had the ring on, but on the other hand, I would think Rory would notice it. Call me a detail nerd.

And April? How long is she staying with Luke? And, more importantly, will she be off the show once this little sleeping arrangement is over? She just doesn't add much to the show and after serving her purpose of helping to break up Luke and Lorelai, I'm done with her and am left wondering why she's still there. I miss Luke and Lorelai interactions! Where is she getting her coffee from!? Speaking of coffee, I had a 24 ouncer tonight during class and pretty much wanted to jump into my cup to wade around. It was some good coffee, BUT apparently caffeineless because I was yawning by 8pm.

Wow, I have powers stronger than I ever believed because just as I write about wanting more Luke/Lorelai time, he calls her and she shows up at the hospital. And he notices the ring?? Not that she wasn't playing with her hair for about five minutes there before he notices the shine from the gold. Wedding bands are quite noticeable. My mom used to tell me not to wear rings that look like wedding bands on my left hand. Haha...sometimes now I make sure to wear one so I'm not run over by the masses when I go out;) (Joke. I hope you laughed.)

"I'm Lorelai Gilmore!" That was super cute because hey, I'm Scarlet Rose! That ain't changin'! You would be amazed at how many names rhyme with Scarlet. Not cool, but also good for adding to the reasons why I need to keep my name as it is.

All in all a good episode! I still think there needs to be more coffee drinking, more food eating, and way more random references in upcoming episodes though.

Thanksgiving time reminds me of one of my all-time favorite episodes when Rory and Lorelai eat four Thanksgivings. We're doing buffet*** style this year which can have the same results, but doesn't come with the same glory. Maybe next year.


*This is just for the example's purposes. My mom is in fact married to my dad and always wears a wedding ring.
**The answer is yes. Yes I do.
***Yes, we're going out for Turkey Day. I'm actually pretty excited about it.


Ant said...

I never ever ever notice wedding rings. I've been told that this is because I'm a bloke.

Whatever, this lack of observance has led to at least one highly embarrassing moment where I attempted to put the moves on a lady and was not only talking to a rather irate hand, but a hand with a wedding ring on it.

Kristabella said...

I totally agree. Wedding rings are the first thing I notice. My eyes automatically go to the left hand when I notice an attractive man.

And not because I like married men. I like mine nice and single.

And April needs to go. It's like they are trying to get her to be like a Gilmore and talk really fast, but she can't handle it.

Marissa said...

i love that you love gilmore girls as much as me!!!

Miss Scarlet said...

Ant- Haha, hilarious;)

Kristabella- Oh man! The fast-talking is a good observation re: April. She can't hack it like the GIlmore, though.

Marissa- Fans unite!