Friday, November 10, 2006

The Collector

Gotta love Veteran's Day and the fact that I couldn't sub even if I wanted to. And would I have wanted to? Haha, not really.

I'm still organizing. I would like to both applaud and damn to hell anything with "Collector's," "Anniversary," "Premiere," or "For A Limited Time Only" on it. It's like advertising aimed to just me and why I still have my "Collector's Anniversary" issue of Interview magazine is beyond me. But did I throw it away? NO. Maybe on the next organizing/cleaning day.

And I have realized I own A LOT of music-related books. Scores, sheet music, college textbooks, music history books, composer biographies, random books I've picked up from used bookstores, etc. I need to get on reading them all now:)



Serena said...

I love owning lots of books. They're one of the few things I always attempt to move with me and not purge. As for that "collector's" edition...*cough* trash it. ; )

Miss Scarlet said...

Whatever;) magazines can be considered to be like books sometimes:) mmmmmmmm, Just got my Brad Pitt magazines together. Hehe.