Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Working Class Hero

In an effort to better understand 20% of the things my sister says, I got The Office* from Netflix. I just finished watching the first few episodes and, of course, I liked it. I already knew I liked it though. I've seen the British version and like Steve Carell, so it was inevitable I would like this one. I've never worked in an Office Space-like place with cubes and such, but some of the parts definitely made me laugh while remembering my old job.

The time we decorated for the second baby shower of the week and it took 20 minutes to decide how to put the streamers up.

Weekly meetings that were about building team morale, but really were exercises in staying awake.

"I'm bored." which was uttered A LOT.

Sometimes I miss working in an office. It has it's pros like the internet and being able to get to work late without the world stopping. What I don't miss are sitting all day long, having to deal with office politics, and dealing with stupid officemates who's sole purpose in life is to annoy me.

Oh wait...I also miss the paycheck. GAH!

*American version


honeykbee said...

How about a bowl full of 3 week old halloween candy ciruclating around? Miss that? Cause I've got some here that I'd be happy to share. Hope you had a flu shot first...

KassyK said...

:-) I agree with Honeykbee...that Halloween candy germfest is NASTY!!

And pretty much every job I have worked in IS The Office or Office Space so I also adore the series. Hilarious. Office politics are a nightmare but at least we can laugh about it. Have a great holiday!!

Serena said...

I don't watch those shows, so I don't know whether I've worked in places like they depict or not. I can tell you that AR definitely has its quirks and that we often make up shit just to amuse ourselves.