Sunday, November 12, 2006

Money Is My Bitch

Every year for our birthdays, my mom sends each of us kids* a card filled with the number of ones for how old we are turning. We all look forward to this little tradition and it (obviously) gets better and better every year.

Well, I've been going through some things this past week since I finally had some time at home and I found my card from my last birthday...with $15 in it! NO, I did not turn 15 on my last birthday, but I probably used some for Starbucks or something and then saved the rest to buy something special. That's so like me, too. To save designated money so I can use it to buy the perfect thing. And now, nine months later, I have it:) Happy Birthday to me!

*Nevermind that we're all adults now:)


Dara said...

My grandparents used to do the same thing -- dollar bills equalling our age -- until we were 25. Since then, they just give us a check for $25.

I'm sort of glad they refuse to acknowledge any further aging.

Pam said...

Finding birthday money 9 months later really is a gift! awesome.

Anonymous said...

finding "lost" money in a pocket or the laundry or a winter coat or whatever always makes your day! :)

Serena said...

I'm never good at "losing" money, but you know this. Yay for the find : )

Needtsza said...


and yea. My dad has done that same thing since I can ever remember...for Christmas.

I actually kept last years. He gave me $2 bills one year.

He's an accountant, so of course the bills are crisp and sequencial.

Cute that somebody else does that too. =)