Friday, November 10, 2006

With A Little Help From My Friends

Now that we finally have 90210 on DVD, can we please work on getting The Wonder Years out? I haven't seen this show in years and I desperately miss it. I remember watching the final episode and having one of my classic "A-ha!" moments when I realized that those voice overs were the adult Kevin Arnold telling his story. (I didn't NOT know this all those years, but I thought it was more an inner thoughts type thing as opposed to a looking back type thing.) It made me happy to realize because one of my TVLand pet peeves is when the thought-process voiceovers take more time than would be appropriate in normal conversation. You know what I mean, right?

Character 1: So*, do you want to go to the movies?

Character 2: Um (voiceover: I want to go, but I also told Dylan I'd go with him. Should I say anything now or wait until later? I don't want anyone to be angry with that other time I got caught in a lie.) sure, I'd love to.

The time between "Um" and "sure, I'd love to" is way too long and in normal conversation Character 1 would be tapping character 2 on the shoulder asking if everything was ok. "Hey, buddy, you look catatonic**."

Anyway, as much as I love The Wonder Years, the length of the voiceover/narration/thoughts kind of drive me bonkers. Many shows annoy me with this, but I still love them. I can't let my pet peeve keep me from enjoying good things. Like Dead Like Me where Georgia always takes too long to answer Dolores Herbig(brown eyes) or Ally McBeal which was even worse for me because not only would she think, but she'd also see things and I would be sitting there watching and think, "Doesn't she need to answer the judge at some point?"

So, to whomever is in charge of getting The Wonder Years out on DVD: Get those music rights and get us our Kevin, Winnie, Paul, etc.!!!!

**"Anyone? Anyone? Voodoo economics."


Serena said...

The Ally McBeal stuff never bothered me. I figured it was all about suspended reality anyway and that all of those thoughts/visions happened in mere seconds.

As for The Wonder Years, I could have sworn I saw it out on dvd already. Of course, you would know : )

Anonymous said...


Marissa said...

LOVE the Wonder Years. Love Kevin and Winnie's romance -- I'll never forget the scene where they kissed on the swings. As for the voice-overs -- I totally agree! SO long-winded. And that is absolutely hysterical you didn't realize it was adult Kevin!

Anonymous said...


Last night at the bar there was a guy wearing a t-shirt that said "SVR".

I couldn't investigate because I was, umm, you know, busy... But it was pretty cool and I wanted to tell you.

Ant said...

The voiceovers in Sex and the City drive me nuts - not really for their length but the sheer crapness of Carrie's "insights". Grrr...

Clem said...

I agree...bring it back. Bring back Kevin and Winnie!