Thursday, November 16, 2006

November Rain

I'm working on a November mix CD. I've been listening to the same stuff over and over in my car, and while I like it, I need to get a different variety going.

So far I have:

  • The Decemberists*- "The Island:.."
  • Muse- "Exo-Politics
  • Foo Fighters- "Skin And Bones"
  • Arab Strap- "Stink"
  • Ben Gibbard- "Carolina"
Any other suggestions? I like to listen to things I can sing along with. Oh, and Trail of Dead's new album was supposed to come out on Tueday, but after checking Best Buy and Barnes and Noble I finally looked it up and saw that it's not published yet! Does anyone know what's up with that?


*So I was working in the music dept at Barnes and Noble last night when this newish employee comes back (I've never actually met her so my sunny, yet bitter work attitude is one she isn't used to) and asks what is playing. "The Decemberists!" I said. She replied with, "I thought so. Well, can you change it?" and I said, "No.... Why?" and she told me that some customer complained about it. What the hell, why do people have nothing better to do than complain about the music in stores? I maintain that if you notice the music and it bothers you then it's a sign you have been in the store for too long. I told the employee to go tell the woman no and that it would change after that track anyway. I almost said, "Tell her she can come kiss my ass!" but figured I should play nice since the girl is newish. Allie can attest to the scene. I was pissed and couldn't believe someone would complain about The Decemberists being played! It was seriously the only thing keeping me from crying**. What a cunt!
**I started off yesterday being in a really good mood as I headed to my part-time job. I was expecting the worst (cash registers), but saw once I got there that I got a really good task assigned. Well, the joy*** was short-lived as my schedule got changed and it sort of put me in a bad mood. Then a bunch of little things added to the bad mood so eventually it was full-fledged and I was listening to The Decemberists trying to be happy.
***As much joy as can be had when talking about a job.


Senor Beavis said...

That's ballsy of someone to ask y'all to change the music. And not in a good way. I regularly joke with my Starbucks customers about the shitty music at Starbucks, but unfortunately, as the proprieters of the establishment, they have the right to play as much shitty music as they want. If I went to B&N and they were playing the Decemberists, I'd just leave. Quickly. :)

Miss Scarlet said...

Suriously? I would never think to ask them to change it. Who am I to ask that when they're the ones who are there all day? And I would assume it's company mandated music anyway that they couldn't change.

Do you really hate The Dec. that much? (And actually, I can see why someone wouldn't like them. His voice can take some getting used to, BUT I still don't comprehend someone COMPLAINING about it.)

Pink Is Neat said...

Yeah, whoever that customer was, I declare them a D-bag. With a capital D!

I need Colin Meloy in my life.

Marissa said...

i love the idea of a 'november rain' mix. what about the song 'november rain'. love me some G & R!

Miss Scarlet said...

Pink is neat- Yeah, I kind of wanted them to come back, muahah!

Marissa- I might put November Rain on there...but last bc its so long. OMG, when Slash plays the solo outside the church in the video...omg.

Cheryl said...

Oh I always recommend a little Snow Patrol to pick me up.

Ant said...

Unbelievable that someone would complain about the music...

Do they have lots of offensive sweary words and such like? Or was the person just being a knob?

Thing is, once you change it, they'll leave the store soon enough (or one would hope so, if they've got any semblance of a life...)

minijonb said...

I recommend the latest from Junior Boys and Snowden. That reminds me, I need to get off my asshat and review these CDs.

Senor Beavis said...

Hmm, November songs. Given my love of Thanksgiving, I'd probably put happy "summer songs" on my November mix.

OK, how about "Torn to Tattered" by Carbon Leaf. That songs screams fall to me. And always a highlight of their live shows.

Scarlet, try imagining someone who didn't like them trying to listen to the entire "Mariner's Revenge Song." That's the nadir of Colin Meloy's voice for me and so repetitive and pretentious. There was no turning back for me after that. If only I hadn't been so stubborn as to not try to make it through the whole song. As one of my friends says, it was a Ted Ferguson moment.

Serena said...

I can't even begin to think of songs or come up with a playlist because every freaking thing I listen to lately has been making me cry. WTF?

Miss Scarlet said...

Cheryl- Good call! And I recently got some of their lesser known stuff:)

Ant- I can understand people not liking it, but to think the whole store feels the same way is annoying.

Minijonb- I wrote those down. Thanks!

Senor Beavis- Carbonleaf plays Kegs and Eggs every year,right? I think I hate them. Suri. And I can see how someone would hate The Decemberists. I really do. I know they're not for everyone. But I hate John Tesh and would never go tell someone to turn it off in a store.

Miss Scarlet said...

Serena- Haha....listen to Pantera! But not Planet Caravan-that might make you cry;)