Friday, November 17, 2006

Stupid Girl

I was reading my magazine last night while waiting for class to start like I always do. Everyone else leafs through their textbooks or reviews their notes, but not me...I read Lucky or Premiere or something else more entertaining. And then, when they're all discussing their latest assignments and discussing topics, I'm texting on my phone. Sometimes I roll my eyes or throw in something funny, but I usually just sit and wait. And read my magazine.

Last night, though, I got there about 20 minutes early (gotta get that seat in the back) and two of my classmates were talking about rubrics. I quickly realized they were talking about rubrics they had designed themselves. Hmmm...that seemed odd since we had been talking about rubrics in the last class. Then one of them asked me what I included with mine and as I sat there like a doe in headlights I realized that I had forgotten to do our assignment. Contrary to the attitude I usually have regarding school, I do not forget to do assignments. I may do them an hour before I have to leave for class, but I have never been the type of student to just not do something.

I did some pretty quick thinking when I accepted the fact that I had nothing to turn in and once I realized I had about twelve minutes before class was to begin, I speed-walked to a computer in the library so I could make something to turn in. In the 2.1 seconds it took me to get there, I remembered thinking at the end of the class how I had an already made rubric I could tweak to turn in and how exciting that I wouldn't have to stress about the assignment. Of course, said rubric was not saved on my pin drive so with the 10 minutes I had left, I began to design one.

Holy hell did my quick typing skills come in handy! I did later see one mistake where I had "player" instead of "played," but bitch please, don't hate the playa, hate the game! There are a couple of other things she could probably take points off for, but my 8 minute effort (gotta leave time to print and run back to class) was pretty good if I do say so myself! This, unfortunately, might break my streak of perfect scores, but having never asked for an extension, I wasn't about to start then! I'm hoping that the musical jargon throws her and she decides she can't take off points for missing content since she won't understand what it's about anyway. (I did this on purpose, of course.)

It was a stressful way to begin the 2.5 hour long class, but things did improve later on. We got in small groups (HATE) to talk about some strategy for an assignment and my group voted my handwriting the best so I got to write on the dry erase board! (It's the little things...really.)

Oh, and in my defense, I had check the ASSIGNMENTS folder before class to make sure I had not forgotten any assignments and saw nothing. Go figure that the rubric assignment was imbedded in the last powerpoint from class. Not cool! And what's kind of funny is that already, just 12 hours since leaving class, I can't remember if I have anything due next time...


honeykbee said...

Excellent save. Did you score that seat in the back, too?

Miss Scarlet said...

Oh yeah! I put my stuff there to save it:)

Serena said...


Miss Scarlet said...

Serena- haha...yeah, I'm an excellent education student;)