Thursday, November 30, 2006

Better Version Of Me

I hate errand-type things. I hate the phone. I hate situations with an unknown factor.

I have to call Enterprise to let them know I'll need a ride home after dropping off the car. I am dreading this. Partly because I don't want to need that ride It sucks, but there's noone else around
who can do it. And damn this area and its severe lack of public transportation!

And calls at 730am? Those will be ignored. Although, I did realize that had I said yes in my drowsy state I would then have been screwed for getting the rental car back. So there is a positive side to all of this.

Having days off always reminds me of Richmond and that is not good because the parts I'm reminded of are the semi-crappy ones. I do realize I'm not giving details here. I'm using vacation time this week so it should be okay. I have to thinkabout Christmas presents soon, though. I love this time of the year...I really do.

(It does need to get A LOT colder, though.)

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