Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Give Me Novacaine

I was so angry in class last night. I started off in a good mood as I got there early to use the wireless and create a flickr group for my photo contest. I was still in a good mood as class started and we did evaluations. I EVEN was doing okay while waiting in the hall to be moved into our small groups.

The beginning of the end was waiting for twenty minutes to get our assignment. And then realizing that my group's number one priority was not to get out early like mine was. I can't comprehend these people who are not always looking to get out of class early. Can anyone explain it? In what situations is class better than not-class? I even tried to gently steer our group towards a speedy solution and used what I thought was the perfect reason: "so we can get out of here early!:)"

And I thought they were with me. I really did. We should have been done in 30 minutes. By 8pm I was ready to go ape-shit on them both and cut them*. What really concerned me was when 20 minutes into our work the one group member realized what exactly we were doing. I wanted to ask, "What exactly were you trying to wor on these past 20 minutes?"

Soon after that she said, "Do you have somewhere to be?" And I said, "ME?" and she said "Yeah, you keep looking at your watch." My mouth spoke faster than I meant it to and said, "No, I just don't like being here." Oooops!

And when we finally left at 8:15pm I realized we hadn't really accomplished much of anything. I'm not concerned about it. Part of me just doesn't care because the stupid project wasted 2 hours of my life that I will never get back. OH and the woman "accused" me of being "just 22" and straight out of college. Um, step back, bitch. I'm 26 and I have better things going on than a 2.5 hour class.


*If either of my group members read wouldn't really cut you. I just don't understand why you wanted to lollygag so much!


honeykbee said...

One could infer from the "just 22" comment and the fact that no one else seems to want to leave that maybe some members of your "team" are moreso "hiding out from their kids" then they are "interested in learning"...?

Senor Beavis said...

I'm with you. And I don't really understand what is grad school in general's insistance on so many group projects? Everyone I've talked to in grad school says they're nonstop, as did the program I'm applying to. (Sigh). Group projects take [multiply by however many people are in the group] as much time to do something that you could be doing by yourself at a time that isn't fucking up your entire schedule. Then again, I do have trust issues.

veeda said...

and to think you had to miss the gilmore girls for it.

Serena said...
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Serena said...

I agree with Senor Beavis in that I hate group projects. Ugh.