Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Gilmore Girls Thoughts (Spoilers? I dunno. Maybe.)

Just a few for tonight because it's only my first viewing.

1. April calling Luke "dad" was really annoying. I can't stand April. Call him Luke, please.

2. OMG, <3 Yale!!!!!

3. Scenes from next week! "The Proposal" Holy Hell.

4. Is Lane still preggers? Because I'd rather have more of that story than of the April one.

5. Sookie soooooo cheated on Jackson! Whore.

6. "Your creme brule virginity?"

7. One of my favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls is the one where they have four Thanksgivings. I hope they have some good ol' T-Day fun this year.

8. Eight is great!

9. So Luke and Lorelai haven't run into each other at all since the crosswalk incident? They need to. Soon. I bet Lorelai gets engaged to Christopher and then Luke will see the ring and that will be the start of them getting back together. I want them back together? Hmm.

10. Oh, and SCD. You were Christopher-Pre Season 7 because in season 7 he and Lorelai are sleeping together...


Marissa said...

i just watched it! why am i sooo addicted to this show?! i secretly want rory's life. i know -- april drives me NUTS!!!!

Unknown said...

I still haven't seen it yet, and this post just leaves me with SO many questions. Damn you for forcing me to go home and watch it tonight ; )

SCD is going to have to work on becoming more season 7 Christopher. heehee

Miss Scarlet said...

Marissa- Haha, I want Lorelai's. And Rory's. OMG,I can't pick.

Serena: Oh you;)

Veeda said...

April sucks.