Saturday, November 18, 2006

Paid Vacation Time

It's about time we have another photo contest! It has been way too long.


  1. Each person may submit one or two photos
  2. Photos must be received by Saturday 25 November 2006 1pm.
  3. Photos must be emailed to me. sendmemail at gmail dot com.
  4. Photos will be posted both here and on my Fotki.
  5. The winner will be determined by myself and two others not in the contest.
  1. The theme of the contest is...Close.
Explanation For Photo Included:
  1. I was going to post a picture of how I would interpret the theme, but I don't want to sway anyone's thoughts.
  2. Then I was going to just post one I took that I like, but still, didn't want to sway anyone's thoughts.
  3. So I figured I'd just post one of me that I like. With a caption.



Ant said...

:oD Yes, mistress.

(Good timing actually...)

Smash said...


Sub Girl said...

great picture!

New York Pooch Patrol said...

haha. love the pic! love contests.

Cheryl said...

Ok, but I have one question: close as in near or close as in not open?

Oh, my brain is turning many thoughts...

Miss Scarlet said...

Ant- Woohooo! I decided against making the theme "Scotland" this time.

Smash- Ummm, I dunno. Something exciting!

Sub Girl- Haha, thanks;)

NY Pooch Patrol- Yay! I hope you enter.

Miss Scarlet said...

Cheryl- It's open to interpretation

Pink Is Neat said...

i'm very excited about this. I've got a few good ideas...

Serena said...

Ant called you mistress. Heehee.