Monday, May 29, 2006

Beautifully Broken

IF YOU HAVE NOT SEE BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN AND DON'T WANT TO KNOW LITTLE THINGS ABOUT IT, STOP READING........ (Although nothing I'm saying really gives away anything at all.)

I seem to rarely go to the movies anymore and Brokeback Mountain JUST stopped being "Long Wait" on Netflix so while the buzz about it is long gone, I just watched it and have a few things to say. Nothing of the obvious (good cinematography, acting, etc.) but just a few things were I was like, "Hmmmm."

1.) I thought it took place in the 19th century. But what, 1963 through 20 years later? What? That totally threw me. Maybe I just assumed that because all of the trailers and pictures I saw were just of them on the mountain and I never saw the cars, TVs and other non-19th century things.

2.) When this movie first came out, it was all about, "Oh my gosh Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal (sp?) kiss!" and "Their big kiss is [fill in the blank]." So color me surprised when they get it on A LOT. Not that I had a problem with the Heath on Jake action in a "tsk tsk" way or anything, I was just surprised because I could have sworn it was just one kiss in the movie. I kept thinking they fell in love but nothing was physical until they kissed once or something.

3.) Jake's mustache in the movie makes him look creepy.

4.) Michelle Williams DID do a great job and that pisses me off because I am still not over how much I hated Jen on Dawson's Creek.

And in other news, non-Brokeback Mountain related:

1.) The French Open is on! I'm not picking winner just yet but stay tuned.

2.) Laguna Beach has sucked me in. I resisted for so long but damn MTV and their marathon and me with my TiVoing capabilities.

3.) Related to #2, The Hills comes on Wed.

4.) It's looking to be a long, quiet day. The long part is awesome and the quiet part isn't really bad either but maybe the part I would change if given the option.



Ashburnite said...

So was Brokeback worth seeing? I haven't put it in my Netflix Queue because I wasn't sure if it was really that good.

Miss Scarlet said...

It is good. It's not exactly action packed or anything but the performances and filming is great.

Smash said...

I am 100 percent WITH you on the Michelle Williams thing--not only did I HATE Jen on Dawson's--but, i thought Michelle was ANNOYING. But, she was excellent in this movie. DAMN HER!

Serena said...

Other than the whole gay/making out/sex thing, I loved how Ang Lee stayed true to just about every real cowboy I've known.

Anonymous said...

Jake G.'s mustache was a total child molester mustache. YUCK.

Miss Scarlet said...

Smash- I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

Flameon- I really wish it had been set farther back.