Saturday, January 06, 2007

12 Hours It Takes Sometimes

I think I broke my ANTM* marathon watching, um...problem. I just voluntarily turned off ANTM and put something else on. I think my freakish obsession weakened enough for a break once it was all episodes I had seen recently. My new problem is what I happened to put on for while I do some computer work for my dad...Gilmore Girls.


I know, I know. How many times can you watch the same episodes, Scarlet? I believe the answer to that question is somewhere in between 543,890.4 and "When I have watched it so much I am sucked into the TV."

*America's Next Top Model


Anonymous said...

i watched that effing marathon to the end. damn tyra banks

Anonymous said...

Could it truly be as good as you say it is?

Miss Scarlet said...

Cindy- Well, once I found myself watching the episodes on TiVo because I missed them the night before, I knew it was the end.

Needtsza- Of course. and I told you I can't comment on your blog, right? I'm reading, though!

Anonymous said...

sucked into the TV?! just like in Videodrome

Anonymous said...

If you're still trying to restore your archives, check my most recent post - I left the directions up under thte link "fix it". Hope that helps!