Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Little Thoughts

At one of my classes last semester, one of my classmates did a presentation on the Challenge program she had seen on Oprah. I missed the show the first time around, but it's on today and since I am too tired to do anything else*, I'm paying attention. Plus, it's Lisa Ling and I have loved her ever since Channel One in high school. And as a sidenote, who doesn't love Channel One and how could anyone not like it? I always liked it and found that those little snippets on current events really kept me in the know. When I subbed at the high school a few weeks ago I will admit that I was a little excited to get to see Channel One again.

So this Challenge thing is kind of weird. It's purpose, to bring people together and break down barriers, is a good one, of course, but it's also super cheesy and it's hard to believe a roomful of 64 high schoolers would take it seriously. I know I would have been sitting there make funny comments on what was going on the whole time. And the whole, "We're going to play a game!" and the students yell back, "YEAH!"...seriously? Maybe I'm just too cynical, but since I really am not cynical, it's hard to believe this program works in high schools.

Maybe they gave everyone veritaserum.


*Not sure why. I'm just super tired!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds silly to me. What's Channel One?