Thursday, January 18, 2007


For the record, here are my Australian Open hopes:


Andy Murray

Andy Roddick

Marat Safin

Roger Federer**


Maria Sharapova

Elena Dementieva

Martina Hingis***

(Do NOT want Mauresmo to win and I'm glad Henin* isn't playing.)

*I assume she's dropping the Hardenne (sp?)?
**Unless he loses an arm he's going to win. And I'm not sure if I want him to win because people who dominate the game (love you, Pete) can make it boring at times, but I do like him as a player because...well, he's amazing.
***I'm not sure how I feel about her winning. Actually, it might be kind of cool. I hated her when she was dominating (see above), but it's cool she came back.


Anonymous said...

Anyone but Federer on the mens side would be cool... but, yeah, not gonna happen.

Sharapova kicked some ass in September at the US Open. I want to see if she can keep it going... with or without coaching =;-)

Cindy said...

as i said in my email to you, i was completely unaware that tennis had even started. i'm ashamed as a life-long tennis junkie that i had to admit that.

that being said...

1 - Are Justine and her husband (who looked like he was about 14 years old) getting divorced?!?!
2 - Scarlet, I completely agree about not always enjoying watching when someone is dominating a sport because it does take the fun and excitement out of the finals. that's why i was never as big a fan of pete as you were (that and the small fact that i LOVE LOVE LOVE andre).
3 - i too am rooting for hingis. my hatred of her in her first career wasn't so much because she was dominating, it was for two other reasons. 1: she had a bad habit of whining and throwing temper tantrums on the court, and 2: i can NOT be a fan of anyone who's mom's hair is THAT frizzy

Miss Scarlet said...

Minijonb- Yeah, I love Sharapova's game.

Cindy- 1) Yeah. She isn't playing the Aussie Open for "personal reasons" and it's bc they're getting a divorce.
2. I love Andre, too. But Pete and I are likethis. He is why I have a one-handed backhand.
3. Oh, I know...her hair was atrocious.

Cindy said... and pete are likethis? so funny.

when i first started playing i totally tried to copy my serve from steffi graf's. i don't think it took...