Friday, January 05, 2007

My Little Town

We're going to Fredericksburg tonight. I know what you're thinking: "Fredericksburg!?" and then either "What's that?" or "Why?" Well, to answer the first question, Fredericksburg is in Virginia, off of I95, between Richmond and DC and just so happens to be the citytown I went to college in. I had a grand time in college (save for the classes, papers, and tests) and I owe a lot of that to Fred'burg or Fred, as I so lovingly call it. Once my friends and I were 21, we got into the routine of going to our favorite places: Hard Times for college night on Wednesdays, usually a show in DC on Thursdays, and then Spirits or a party on either Friday or Saturday. To anyone who goes to UMW now and is thinking, "There are no parties there!"...oh, my friend, there are. You just need to find them. Anyway, tonight we're going to Spirits, which is a bar in the downtown part of the citytown that I just adore. It used to be the place to go and even after I graduated I continued going there with Vanessa where we would meet up with all of our hott, Fred'burg friends. In the past few years the UMW crowd has migrated over to some of the other newer bars in the area, but that's just fine with me since I am not in college and do not need to be hanging out in that crowd anymore.

I have a lot of memories from that place. Some I've shared and some that won't be shared on this PG-13 blog, but I will always get excited to go back. I love it so.

We're also going to SONIC tonight, which is a pit-stop that has me equally excited. You know what goes together really well? Cherry limeaide and rum. Huzzah!

Have a great night!


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Anonymous said...

I say don't knock Fredericksburg until you've tried it.