Monday, January 15, 2007


My sleep schedule is totally effed up. It seems to have started after last Monday when I worked from 7am to 3pm and then headed straight to Barnes and Noble to work from 4pm until midnight. I was tired to say the least and that night when my head finally hit the pillow, I didn't set an alarm in an effort to get what sleep I needed the next day. I actually didn't sleep as late as I had expected (only until about 1030am), but it started the horrible pattern I am in now. Wednesday I did get up at 6am, but then that night I was out until 2am with friends so getting to sleep at about 330am resulted guessed it, sleeping late again*.

I try to get up early everyday, but lately I've even been turning my alarm off in my sleep. If I know I don't have to get up for something, my sleepyhead takes over and turns off my three alarms I have set up**. This morning was no exception. I somehow turned off the first alarm set for 7am and when the 730am went off, I decided "just a few more minutes!" And I stretched out and found that extra comfortable spot and just could not let it go to waste so I let myself fall back to sleep for a little longer.

Tomorrow, though, there are no excuses. I'll be up at 7am no matter what getting ready for work=/ I guess it's the shock my system needs? I guess we'll find out on Wednesday morning, eh?


*My work schedule is v. weird right now. There is no pattern to it and my days off are during the week usually.
**Three. I know. It stems from me being so worried I'll miss work and if I'm worried I won't get up, then I won't sleep well.


aRebelSong said...

ya i havent slept in days either (laying down with the lights off does not equal sleep) if you couldnt tell today "ill come w/ u to cvs... alright bye" lol ;) good to see u either way

Miss Scarlet said...

Hahhaa, I was wondering about that:) Why haven't you slept?!

Excited we saw you! How random.

Kristabella said...

I'm with you. When I had that week off between my old job and new job, I made all sorts of plans to get up at a decent time (like 8) to use the day and not get into bad habits.

That never happened. Not once. The earliest I got up might have been about 9:30.

And I was struggling when I started the new job last week.

Me likey sleepy.

Anonymous said...

Just listen to your body - sleep when you need it. I'm sure B&N will understand if you lay out on the counter to grab a few z's... :o)

Oh, I tagged you btw! (But am fairly sure that you might have done this meme already...)

aRebelSong said...

the weeekend caught up with me and im like falling asleep at my desk and im like i should go walk it off so i go for a walk and run into youtwo and the rest is history ;) ha ha nice to c u

Miss Scarlet said...

I have trouble getting to sleep. Only when I was working 7-3 at the middle school and doing 3 nights a week at class was I consistantly tired at an early time each night. Usually it takes me at least an hour to fall asleep and I tend to get a second wind around 9pm which then keeps me up:(

Anonymous said...

do jumping jacks.

Anonymous said...

You could be me, I'm on day three. No sleep.

wwoo!!! (shoot me)