Saturday, January 06, 2007

How To Save A Life

I probably should have mentioned that Fredericksburg is also flooded with memories and as one of the most sentimental people around, it can make for an interesting night to go there with any sort of expectation for the evening. I should have been prepared when, on the way, I remembered the last time I was wearing the jacket I chose for tonight. And then I chose to play Pan-fucking-tera on the jukebox. And jeger bombs. And seeing people with whom I texted on New Years Eve who now don't want to continue our fun tradition of kissing for the New Year. Mmhmmm, yeah. It's okay, though, it's not my loss.

And don't ever take the scenic route.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, what was his problem? And where did Derek go?

Miss Scarlet said...

I don't know, that was weird.