Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Employment Pages

If there is one thing I am not good at, it's finding a job. My last real job was one I got because I knew someone and actually, same with the sub position I had, too. I get freaked out by job descriptions. I see "phone" and I shudder. I see "works closely with" and I think about past coworkers who were a handful in that kind of position. I see " [fill in the blank] years experience" and decide mine won't count. It's ridiculous! I not only have a college degree, but I almost have a masters degree and I have office experience and a buttload of customer service experience. I'm smart. I like math. I know computers. I'm a joy to work with. I rarely miss work.

And then I think about my location issues. I don't want to commute for a job that's not worth it. I have to be able to get to Fredericksburg by 6pm on Wednesdays. I have orchestra on Tuesdays. I actually don't want to have to quit my bookstore job because it's a really nice safety net for not only extra cash but insurance, too.

But Scarlet? Aren't you going to school to be a teacher? Why don't you apply for teaching jobs? Well, to be honest, they actually scare the crap out of me and yes, I know, that's a bit crazy. I saw this link for "elementary, middle and high school music teachers", which yeah, is ideal, BUT did you see how they said, "elementary, middle, and high school..."? I think I could do middle school. I'd have to be a Nazi, but I could do it. Elementary? I don't even know what elementary music teachers do. I can see myself disappearing midway through the year and sending an anonymous note that "Miss Rose has entered the Witness Relocation Program...sorry for the inconvenience."

I don't know what to do and it's sort of making me freak the fuck out.


Anonymous said...

Pick one, take the money, leave if it's crap.

Pick another one, take the money, leave if it's crap.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Seems to be the model that works for most... :o)

Miss Scarlet said...

Ant- Yeah, but re: school jobs, I can't sign some contract and then quit halfway through the year. I mean, I COULD, but then it would look really bad. Plus, I'm even worse at quitting jobs, haha. I've only had to do it once.

reluctant dater said...

haha, i was a lawyer who was afraid of court and confrontation. key word: WAS.

Cindy said...

teacher interviews are great because they're all the same. go on an interview for a job you would probably say no to even if they offered it to you just for the experience. i've had what seems like a million teacher interviews, and they never change. i'm convinced that the reason i got the job in richmond was because in my interview they didn't ask me any questions i hadn't already heard like 5 times each, so nothing was a surprise.

also, keep this in mind: it's MUCH easier to get a highly saught after teaching position from within a county, rather than getting one as a new face to the area. so, if you have to take an elementary or middle school job just to get your foot in the door, do it. you can do anything for a year, and then you'll have more access to the high school openings you'd be interested in.

Anonymous said...

You'll rock at whatever you choose. Besides, those little scary bastards (i.e., kids) loved you.