Friday, January 19, 2007

No One Knows

Tagged by the lovely DCCeline, I have been asked to tell five things you don't know about me. I may be the only person on the interweb to actually enjoy being tagged, so here we go!

1. I am allergic to raw apples and pears. I can eat them cooked, but when they are raw they make my mouf itch and it's really uncomfortable. This is a common allergy and I read it's to an enzyme or something, which explains why I can eat them cooked because, of course, the enzyme will not withstand the heat. Duh.

2. I got my first computer/email address/AIM name in 1998 when I went to college. I think I spent most of my first night there trying to decide on the handles to use, much to the amusement of my roommate and her friends who already had e-experience.

3. In total NYC clicheness, I've been on the Today show twice. The one time, my poster read, "I Have A Dream And It's To Be On The Today Show." Hahhahaa, so dorky. Oh, it was on MLK,Jr. Day.

4. My Music senior seminar was on Shostakovich's "From Jewish Folk Poetry" and I tried to show what makes a piece sound Jewish. I never did really, but I think my presentation was good. And who doesn't love Shosty!?

5. I have never been farther west than Pittsburgh or farther east than how far out I've swam in the Atlantic Ocean. The farthest north I have been is to Montreal and the farthest south is Puerto Rico.


P.S. I'm not tagging anyone.


Anonymous said...

I get the same thing from raw veggies like broccoli, carrots (not baby carrots), and cauliflower. Very annoying when at receptions that only serve crudite...especially when the rest of the tray is full of things like peppers and cucumber, which I love, but unless I want to taste them for the next day (they repeat on me), I avoid.

Anonymous said...

I love raw sad not to be able to enjoy them! Things like tomatoes and cantelope, however, make my throat itch.

Miss Scarlet said...

DCCeline- oh no! That's terrible. It makes me sad I can't eat apples bc I LOVE them and they're so good for you. But it's not worth the discomfort.

Serena- Tomatoes!? I would die. Oh yeah, almonds do it to me too sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Ok, now I'm curious... Does that mean you can't drink juice or cider from them, either?

Yeah, I know... who drinks apple juice anymore, right?

Miss Scarlet said...

LMNt- I can drink apple juice, yes. I can eat apple sauce and apple pie. I just can't eat them raw. Actually, every few years I try a piece of raw apple to see if it still sucks.

Anonymous said...

Unless you did your swimming in Long Island or New England, then Montreal is probably the furthest east you've been, too. :-)

Miss Scarlet said...

CBK- OK, ok, technically, if we're thinking latitude and longitude and stuff;) I guess I was thinking more coastal or something. Because even CT is farther west* than say, Ocean City, MD, right?

*Maybe I should have also revealed that I get those confused ALL THE TIME. Hahaha.

Sam said...

I work at the food allergy & anaphylaxis network, and the majority of food allergies are due to the protein in the food. My mom gets an occasional allergic reaction to tomatoes, but it's pretty rare and random, which we don't understand.

The most common allergy is shellfish, by the by. Being allergic to fresh fruit isn't that common, actually. What sucks is, there are a few rare people who are allergic to something like peanuts, and also Benadryl, so they can't even take the medication to relieve the symptoms. They either need to wait for it to go away, or get worse so they can inject themselves with epinephrine.

Hans Lysglimt said...

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Anonymous said...

Um, ok... #3 is the lie?