Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Anyone Can Play Guitar

I haven't even picked up the guitar in years. I got busy or something. And then lately, when I have had time to practice, I figure I should practice my clarinet since that is what I play in orchestra.

But tonight I got my acoustic out of the case, tuned it up (by ear, of course;) and gave it a few strums to see what I remembered.

Not much.

BUT, just a few clicks on google and I had reminded myself how to play "Disarm" and "Everlong"...shut up, I know they're 'cliche'. And that F bar chord? Oh yeah, I've still got it*! I'm kind of inspired. We'll see what I tackle tomorrow!


*Note: "It" is not anything spectacular. I am not a good guitar player and never really was. I was decent for awhile, but was never good at playing by ear and would get frustrated when I wasn't good immediately.


CBK said...

You tuned the low E sring down to D for Everlong, right?

Miss Scarlet said...

CBK- Puhlease, you insult my musical intelligence;)

Born Worrier said...

I used to take guitar lessons at my senior school but stopped after the first year. I really wished I had carried on now. I still have my guitar in the loft somewhere.