Friday, April 06, 2007

Pull The Curtains

Such a fun song to sing while driving!

Sometimes you gotta turn it off
Man, you gotta walk away
And then sometimes you gotta say:
"This is gonna be the day"

Sometimes you gotta turn it off
Yeah, you gotta walk away
And then sometimes you gotta say:
"There ain't no other fuckin' way"

I saw Grindhouse tonight. I wasn't going to go because I hate paying so much for movies and I wasn't sure I would be able to make it through a 3+ hour movie after working all day on not enough sleep. After about 10 minutes of the first feature I figured I had paid for naptime- I was NOT into it. What I didn't like was that the audience kept laughing at parts I just didn't get. It was like they thought they were supposed to laugh or something. It irritated me. The movie got better, though, and I was even able to accept the fact that Rose McGowan's leg was a gun. I felt like it went on a little too long and by the end I had resigned to letting my eyes "rest".

Then came the fake trailers. Ali and I used this time to use the restroom and send SOS text messages so I didn't see any of those. I probably wouldn't have "gotten" them anyway. Oh, but you know who did get them? The man sitting behind us who laughed like a buffoon at anything even remotely funny.

The second feature was much more enjoyable for me, if only because it involved a lot less puss-ha! Oh, and it was shorter (Thank you!) and coincided nicely with my second wind. Mybiggest complaint for this one was that the one girl's hair was really gross and she just wouldn't stop swining it around and around! Stop, already! It was good, though. I mean, I do "get" it. I do. I just don't to be like buffoon guy and "get it" so damn loudly!

Upon leaving the theatre from this strange double feature about three and a half hours after getting there, I not only felt the desire to drive faster and hit things, but I also wanted to find out from what Rosario Dawson is famous. We could only think of Rent, but how is it that she is so well-known and is often in US Weekly and on Entertainment Tonight?

Anyway, so this is the first movie I've seen in the theatre since Talladega Nights. I hope my next one is Transformers...



Pink Is Neat said...

She was in Sin City.

And that movie was fucking fantastic. You probably just have to see it again to get it. :-)

Miss Scarlet said...

Yeah, but she was "famous" before Sin City...and how?? I really don't like her.

And har har, I did "get it"...I just think people in the theatre "got it" way too loudly. And it /was/ long. Sweet mother, it was long! I was tired.

Ali said...

agreed. the zombies looked cool (and i enjoy gore) but the plot was bad. as well as the dialogue (in the first one). it was like, *guy shoots a zombie* and the WHOLE theater erupts in laughter! but at the truly funny parts i.e.: "what do you horny girls want?" NO ONE laughed.
second one was good.

Ali said...

*guy starts his car and puts it in drive*


*girl bites into chicken sandwich*


*camera pans across the desert*


rooroo said...

rosario dawson is famous from kids, isn't she?

Miss Scarlet said...

Yeah, but that movie sucks and is weird.

Miss Scarlet said...

Ali is funny.

CBK said...

Rosario Dawson was in "Josie and the Pussycats", wasn't she? And Clerks II, more recently.

I didn't realize she was in Kids.