Friday, April 13, 2007

Under The Influence

The other night I had the news on when I caught the words, "Mary Washington" and my ears perked up. Earlier that night, at my class at the University, we gossiped about how the President of the school, William Frawley, had been in an accident and may have gotten a DUI.

In the first story I heard, he had left the hospital after being in a car accident and then was stopped after driving poorly on 95, but it was most likely because of his pain medication. Even though it was a poor decision to drive while on pain meds, it's not like he got trashed at a neighborhood bar* and then tried to go home. Oh wait, like so many college students do? Hmmm.

On the news, though, they reported that he was driving erratically on 95 with three tires. I recently got a flat tire and let me tell you, it's very obvious when all four tires are not working properly. And wouldn't there be sparks from the rim driving on the road? Oh how I wish I had seen this on the Interstate.

It is weird to be seeing my alma mater and current grad school on the news so often now. I just saw a news ticker with the story run across The Today Show. But do people really care about this story? I go to the freaking school and could probably not care less. Yeah, it's not cool to drive when under the influence of substances, whether they are prescribed or not, but reporting, "OH MY GOSH THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY HAS BEEN PLACED ON PAID LEAVE AFTER DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE" is snooze-worthy. Add to the story, "WITH A COKED UP WHORE IN THE PASSENGER SEAT" or "WHILE WEARING WOMEN'S CLOTHING" and maybe I'll be interested, but until then? Report on the stuff I care where Brad Pitt is right now or what Tony Blair is up to.


*Yah! Spirits!


Serena said...

It is weird that it would qualify as national news.

Beakerz said...

oops, I guess I do know someone that goes there.

and oops, on the President

Miss Scarlet said...

Serena- Very weird. Why does anyone care? Although, I don't care about a lot of the stuff on news.

Beakerz- Yessssss.

Ant said...

Tony Blair is set to step down pretty soon. Rumour has it that Brad Pitt is going to be our next PM...

Anonymous said...

One can safely be assured that neither Brad Pitt, Tony Blair, nor Mr. Frawley care about anything you do--though I hear there is an opening for a coked-out whore up in Fairfax; you'd be perfect!

Dorian D said...

Scarlet!! I just googled myself (for legitimate reasons to make sure nothing bad came up about me) and I saw MY NAME on some MEME you did. You should e-mail me immediately. My e-mail address is: And now I'm going to go actually read your blog. Take care! -Dorian