Sunday, April 08, 2007


On My To Do List:

  1. Begin on-going post about favorite lyrics.
  2. Make more mix CDs so I don't keep obsessively listening to the same songs over and over...
  3. Practice the tricky parts for orchestra.
  4. Plan the route to North Carolina for me and Ali, keeping in mind the locations of all Sonics and Starbucks on the way.
  5. Assignment due Friday by 9am.
  6. Upload pictures.

On My Not To Do List:
  1. Suck at life.
  2. Pack away winter clothes. (I'm just not ready to say goodbye to cold weather.)
  3. My projects due the next week.
  4. Wear pastels.
  5. Sign up for a marathon.



Anonymous said...

where in NC are you and Ali going?

Marissa said...

Haha. I love that 'suck at life' is on your NOT to do list. I'm going to try that one out myself.

Miss Scarlet said...

Cindy- We're staying in Southport, but the wedding is on Bald Head Island

Marissa- Haha, some people DO have that on their to-do list, though.