Monday, April 09, 2007

A Kind Of Hope

I walked into work today and "Run" by Snow Patrol was playing. I took it as a sign that my day would be good because I love that song.

I did that another day, too. On my way to work I heard in a row: "Everlong" by the Foo Fighters and "Exit Music (For A Film)" by Radiohead on XM. How can anything but greatness be followed by a line-up like that?

Today's song didn't work like I had hoped. I should have known better since it's not exactly a cheerful, upbeat one.

I hate to let people affect my mood. Although, let me try to clarify...I hate to get disappointed because someone doesn't react/say/do something like I expected and wanted. The only person I can control is myself and once I let someone else bring me down for not doing something I wanted, then it's already out of control. I hate that. But what I really hate is that I need certain people to help me out sometimes. Throw me an emotional bone, so to speak.

Maybe I'm asking too much of the wrong people. Maybe I'm being emotionally "needy." But it is how it is for the moment.



Cheryl said...

Oh, I hear you my friend. I totally hear you.

Ant said...

I thought you've seemed kind of down recently (hugs). No, you should try and not let other folk affect you like that...

But you're a tough, sassy lassie! I'm sure you can cope just fine really... :o)

minijonb said...

Music can change my mood in a similar way. And if people are changing my mood, well... then I know I need to get the hell away from those people. Not a good technique, but it's how I roll. Don't feel bad about needing to lean on people to make it through. As cliched as it sounds, that's what friends are for (I will now banish myself from the blogosphere for 42 minutes for that last recycled remark =;-)

Beakerz said...

I totally believe that music 'speaks' to me. You believe what you feel =)

Miss Scarlet said...

Cheryl- Thanks, boo.

Ant- Aw, you are too sweet. and it means a lot you noticed. Wow.

Minijonb- Haha, you are so not banished!

Beakerz- Amen!

Serena said...

Child, I hear ya. I am an emotionally needy attention whore!