Saturday, April 14, 2007


Whenever work starts to suck, I head straight for the newspapers and check my and my coworker's horoscopes. One day, "Lynette's" said he was going to have an important encounter with a Gemini and I spent the rest of the day asking everyone I saw at work when their birthday was. Another day "Dex's" said he needed to touch things, so I let him touch me. I mean, my shirt. MY SHIRT! It was funny. Today I was frustrated because of the ambiguity of my plans so I checked my horoscope during one of my breaks. I was excited to read something that essentially said "the party follows [me]" and took that to mean I would have a good night. Well, that didn't so much happen, and even though my awesome boos "Bree" and "No Nickname Yet" are meeting up with me later at Honey Mustard Land, my night is tinged with disappointment and frustration. So, what do I do when feeling a little down? Check my horoscope, of course!

"Don't erase this sense of limbo you're feeling. Your uncertainty is fueling this never-ending quest for information. The answer to an overwrought question will come during this precarious state of mind."


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Serena said...

Interesting, indeed, you crack whore ; )