Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Everybody Knows That You Are Insane

It might be time for this....

More Things To Know About Me:

  • If I say "Just kidding", it's a lie.
  • 90% of my flirting is based on truth and I would back it up with actions. (Unless it's really out there, but you should be able to tell, right?)
  • If you think I'm flirting with you, I probably am.
  • Not everything I say is a joke.
  • If I feel as though I have annoyed someone, I will do a 180 in behavior...or I just will shut down*
  • If I am made to feel stupid or feel stupid in a situation, I will shut down.
  • I hate to do errands. I will put off forever tasks like going to the bank, post office, and gas station.
  • I like to be the center of attention, but only when I am in control of it.
  • I speak quickly.
  • My mind moves even faster.
  • If I even suspect the bread will be mushy, I will not eat it.
  • Scraping off the sour cream is not enough. I will not eat it.
  • I hate to be told what to do. I do deal with this since it's necessary sometimes.
  • If I'm about to cry...I most likely will:(
  • I cry when frustrated. Not sad.
  • Cheese and ketchup do not mix.
  • I hate for people to ask me "What's wrong?" but I do want them to wonder what's wrong and then to try to make me happy again. I think one of my facial expressions comes across as "Oh Gawd! Things Suck!" when it's supposed to be "I'm Deep In Thought And Perplexed".
  • Sometimes I laugh at jokes I don't get.
  • Sometimes I cause a screeching halt to the fun because I say, "I don't get it" in response to a joke.
  • I will use honey mustard with everything.
  • I hypocritically hate hypocrites.


*That sounds way more melodramatic than it really is.


Ben O. said...

I was at your ipodupod site and wanted more posts . . . are you slacking?

Ben O.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I just listened to that song in the car this morning! QotSA are so good!


minijonb said...

And I thought I was the only one who thought ketchup and cheese don't mix. Good to know you're on the right side of that. And "I hypocritically hate hypocrites" ...brillant!

Serena said...

Sadly (or not so sadly), none of those comes as a surprise. Guess I know you just a wee bit.

Wait...don't you hate when people think they know you ; )