Thursday, April 19, 2007

Short Skirt/Long Jacket

You know how a tiny pebble in your shoe can ruin a nice walk and leave you hobbling in pain? That is how I liken days where I don't like my outfit and today was one of those days. Now, to liken my day to pain is not appropriate because it really wasn't that bad. I just wasn't as 'on' as I would have liked. I ended up pulling my hair back about an hour into work (hate that) and later begged my bangs to stay strong against the heat of the area I was working in. I just wasn't feeling it today. Someone even commented that I "looked tired" and didn't have on one of my "cute outfits*" like usual. I went for comfort today and ended up more out of wack than if I had worn a wrap dress on a windy day.

Putting my jean jacket** on after calling it a day helped. And then heading to Tysons to spend some gift cards helped even more. I hit the jackpot tonight and left the malls quite the happy shopper. Funny how good clothes can improve my mood:)

Early tomorrow morning (4am) Ali and I head south to Bald Head Island, NC for our cousin's wedding. Part of my shopping trip tonight was to find an appropriate cover up for the dress I am wearing. And maybe only DCCeline will care about this part, but this is what I'm wearing: strapless, dark blue with white polka dots dress and a marigold cardigan over top. I might tie the bottom of the cardigan because it's long, but that's to be decided later. Pictures to be posted upon my return. Promise!


*Her words, not mine. My words would have been "hott outfits" or "totally bitchin' outfits!" :)

**Jean jackets=love. Except for the other day when I accidently grabbed it to wear and didn't realize I was wearing jeans until I had walked into work. As much as I love my jean jacket, it should never, ever, be paired with denim pants. The horror.


Ant said...

Don't know shit about fashion, just know when women are looking "hott"...

However, I absolutely the song that your title refers to - it is brilliant and I never hear it enough (I can't remember if it was Cake or The "Are you gonna be my girl" Jets that sang it though...)

Ant said...

Oops, that should be "... absolutely love the song..."

Damn speeling mistooks...

DC Celine said...

Naturally, I do care. Sounds adorable and very wedding appropriate (because we all have to be "appropriate," don't we?).

And yes, limping through the day in an unfortunate outfit can be very hobbling, somehow.

Anonymous said...

Yay Cake!


rooroo said...

i heart cake, and i also try to avoid the canadian tuxedo if at all possible!!

Serena said...

It is amazing how much what you're wearing and how much you love it can affect one's mood. Reminds me I need to go shopping again ; )