Wednesday, March 28, 2007

After All These Years

I found my yearbook from 1990. I was in 5th grade. The following are the messages my friends left for me:

  • "Scarlet. Your* pretty and nice to meet you your were really coal this year and hope to see you that way next year and your in my class hope to see you soon your friend Marsha"
  • "Skillet, Skittles, Scarlet, or who ever you are you are really, nice, funny, (sord of) wierd, wacky, stupid, and pretty all at once but what the heck your my friend and I hope your in my class next year and I hope you meet a cute boy and I hope you can skate better, faster, and backwards really good, then maybe just maybe you'll get better at racing me and you might beat me but I doubt it very, very, very, very seriously but o well who care best wishes in every thing you do."
  • "Scarlet, Hope you have a nice summer and meet a boyfriend that is your type. Your friend, Patty. P.S. See you next year."
  • "So have a great summer and finally meet a boy. Bye, Bye, your best friend. Tonka Tonya or Tuna whoever. T.W."
  • "Skillet, I'll miss you this summer everything I ever say nasty to you or about you I never mean. Stephanie."
  • "Hi, Have a great summer get a cute one! Kisha"
  • "Scarlet- You are one of my first G/T students and I've enjoyed having you in class. Mrs. Brockel**"
  • Harold. Love, Harold***"
  • Hi, Scarlet Rose, This is Ali you know you'er**** sister. I hope you get a boy."
Wow. I left the boring ones out. But a lot of people hoped I would have a "cool summer."

SVR...I mean, Skittles.

*Just assume [sic]s for all of these, ok?
**I just put that one so you'd know I was smrt.
***What? Oh, and he wanted me. He called once and asked if I'd go out with him. I said, "In your dreams." and he said, "I'm dreaming!" So I said, "Well then wake up!"
****I think she signed this years later because when I was in 5th grade grade she was about 3. And seriously, even though she got the "'re" backwards, at least she knew it was to be a contraction, which is more than my 5th grade friends could say...


Ant said...

And a lot of people were hoping you'd meet a cute boy that summer...

Except Harold. Man, you're a harsh lady... :o)

CBK said...

Actually, where "your" sister used it, it's not supposed to be a contraction. It should have been like how the others (mistakenly) used it.

Miss Scarlet said...

Ant- Haha, I know! I don't know why. Hilarious!

CBK- Tsk tsk on pointing out errors. I guess I was too caught up in the cuteness of my little sister signing my yearbook.

Serena said...

It cracked me up how many people were concerned with you finding a boy at such a young age. Wonder what our yearbooks would say if we had ones for today? Wait...they'd probably say exactly the same thing (perhaps with an apology for summer even existing).

veeda said...

Dear Scarlet,


I think all yearbook entries are the same no matter what age. Although Scarlet, I am wondering what I wrote in yours. Holy crap, I can't believe I've known you for so long now.

Marissa said...

THIS IS HILARIOUS! I'm laughing so hard. Especially because it reminds me so much of my younger-year yearbook signatures. I remember everyone saying, 'You were cool this year. Have a good summer.' or 'Hope you find a boyfriend. Have a good summer.' Oh those were the days. :)

Kristabella said...

I guess us suburban Chicago kids are much more racy. Because we all thought we were sooooo cool and would always write "Have A Kick Ass Summer!"

We're so bad ass.

Cheryl said...

OMG! I so have the urge to get my mom to send me my old yearbooks now!

lala said...

omg that made me laugh a lot. esp commentary about ali knowing contractions. ha.